Celebrate Chinese New Year at Mutianyu Great Wall with family


Are you thinking of leaving an unforgettable Chinese New Year childhood memory for your children when winter vacation coincides with the Spring Festival? Don't hesitate to take your kids to Mutianyu Great Wall for an enjoyable Chinese New Year, immersing them in Great Wall culture, raising their expectations for the Spring Festival, and showing them the delight of festive rituals.

Joyful snow and ice carnival

When children are frolicking and having fun in the snowy world, there's a lively and festive atmosphere that is unique to Mutianyu. As you watch the smiles on their faces, you will be overwhelmed by their innocence and pure happiness.

The prayer cards hanging on the square sway gently in the breeze, and against the snowy background, they become even more animated, emanating goodwill and beauty during the Chinese New Year. The wishes and hopes written on these cards turn into heartwarming moments of happiness.

For children, experiencing snow and ice activities at the foot of the Great Wall is a winter-exclusive memory to cherish. You could capture these cheerful moments with a camera and preserve the fond memories in photographs.

(Skating rink at the second parking lot of the Great Wall Hotel)

Adventure in childlike wonder

Childishness holds boundless creativity and preserves the innocence worth cherishing, providing a foundation for children's growth. While strolling along the Mutianyu Great Wall, you will be absorbed in traditional Chinese New Year culture and experience childlike wonder with a youthful heart.

By participating in study tours and learning about Great Wall culture, children can expand their knowledge through fun and explore the significance of the Spring Festival for traditional Chinese culture, while thoroughly relishing the pleasure of winter snow and ice.

Alongside your children, you can also appreciate the timeless charm and elegance of Chinese style by dressing up in Hanfu (traditional Chinese clothing). The graceful Hanfu, a fleeting marvel through time, perfectly displays the oriental aesthetics that are deeply embedded in Chinese culture.

Children's fun of collecting stamps

Each stamp represents a unique moment in history that can never be relived and the discovery of untold stories.

Mutianyu Great Wall's cultural and creative gifts are on special offer during the Spring Festival. With any purchase in the cultural and creative store, you are eligible to participate in the stamping event.

Collecting stamps is not only a way to mark the places you've visited, but more importantly, it also adds a unique pleasure to your journey.

Children's poetry recitation

The millennium-old Mutianyu Great Wall is a captivating cultural landmark. As you meander through the Great Wall Hotel, you will be impressed by historical pavilions standing erect and come up with thousands of verses.

A myriad of experiences are vividly depicted in poetry, easy to recite, with profound meanings. Allow your children to immerse themselves in the cultural corridor, fully exposed to the ingenuity and harmonious rhymes of traditional Chinese poetry.

This Spring Festival, bring your children to Mutianyu Great Wall so they may celebrate Chinese New Year with jubilation and make priceless childhood memories!