Great Wall Spirit Heritage Museum


With the theme of "Great Wall Spirit, Peaceful Link, World Bridge", the Great Wall Spirit Heritage Museum is divided into two floors. It integrates functions such as patriotic education base, education and training base for the CPC members, and Great Wall history museum.

The first floor showcases Great Wall exhibits such as stone rubbings and geographical maps, interpreting the important role of the ancient Chinese Great WaIl in resisting aggression and the great significance of forming the strong cohesion of the Chinese nation. The restored pictures of the Mutianyu Great Wall are also displayed, showing the historical process of "Love the Chinese Nation, Repair the Great Wall" campaign. Ancient Chinese weapons, unearthed cultural relics and stone tablets are also exhibited, explaining the history of Tan Lun and Qi Jiguang who organized personnel to construct the Mutianyu Great Wall. The magnificent Great Wall scroll covers the starting and ending points and important sections of the Ming Great Wall. The second floor is the Party building and education area, showing the glorious struggle history of the Communist Party of China.