Notice to Visitors


The scenic area implements a real-name ticketing system. When purchasing tickets, please provide accurate information such as your mobile number, name, and identification document number. Once the ticket purchase is done, there is no need to exchange the paper ticket. Please enter the park by presenting your original ID card for verification. Currently, only the 1st to 20th Watchtower sections are open for visitors. 

I. Ticketing Information of Mutianyu Great Wall

1. Applicable objects for discounted tickets:

(1) Foreign minors aged 6 (exclusive) to 18 (inclusive).

(2) Undergraduate students (excluding adult education) with an age over 18.

(3) Visitors aged 60 and above from outside the local area.

(4) Individuals holding People's Liberation Army and Armed Police Force Officer's military ID cards, individuals holding retired officer, retired non-commissioned officer, and retired civilian cadre ID cards, active-duty military personnel with soldier certificate, as well as individuals with a retired military personnel preferential treatment card.

(5) Individuals with a social security benefits collection certificate.

(6) Individuals with their own firefighter's certificate or fire service officer's certificate.

2. Applicable objects for free admission

(1) Chinese citizens (including residents from Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan) under the age of 18 are eligible for free admission to the scenic area. They need to be accompanied by a responsible adult who has the ability to take care of them. After successfully making an online reservation, they can enter the scenic area by presenting their identification card. If they do not have an ID card, they can provide other valid documents such as a household registration booklet or medical insurance card for manual verification for admission.

(2) Visitors with Beijing Tong-Elderly and Disabled Card or Civil Affairs Preferential Card, along with valid identification, are eligible for free admission to the scenic area. For elderly visitors or those with mobility difficulties, they need to be accompanied by a responsible adult. The accompanying person needs to purchase a ticket.

(3) Retired cadres with valid retired cadre preferential card.

(4) Individuals with valid disability certificate.

Visitors who meet the free admission criteria can obtain a free admission ticket at the ticket office of the scenic area by presenting their valid free admission documents (except for children under 1.2 meters in height). Relevant documents are required for verification at the entrance.

3. Ticket Information for shuttle bus and cable car

Children under 1.2 meters in height (including 1.2 meters) can ride the shuttle bus and cable car for free, while individuals above 1.2 meters in height need to purchase a full-price ticket. There are no discounts available for children, seniors, or individuals with disabilities.


(1) The above ticket policy applies only to the Mutianyu Great Wall admission ticket and does not include shuttle bus, cable car, ropeway, slideway, or other attractions within the scenic area.

(2) Visitors who qualify for discounts or free admission must present relevant documents at the entrance for verification by staff before entering the scenic area.

(3) Postcard tickets can be exchanged for commemorative postcards at the ticket service center or self-service ticket booths, using the order information. Regular e-tickets do not include postcards.

(4) The shuttle bus service station is approximately three kilometers away from the ticket gate. Visitors taking the shuttle bus should purchase bus tickets themselves. Visitors purchasing round-trip cable car tickets should return upon the back track. The cable car company is separate from the ropeway and slideway company, and tickets are not interchangeable.

II. Ticket Purchase Instructions:

1. Real-name reservation required: The ticket reservation for Mutianyu Great Wall is done through a real-name reservation system. Reservations can be made up to 15 days in advance. Each identification document (ID card/passport) can only purchase one ticket per day. Both individual and group ticket orders follow the one-ticket-per-person policy.

2. Individual reservation: Each mobile phone number can be registered as one user. To make a reservation, the visitor's real identity information must be provided, and they must present their own identification document (ID card/passport) for ticket validation at the entrance.

3. Group reservation: Travel agencies interested in group reservations need to sign an "agreement" with the scenic area. After their qualifications are approved, they can become contracted travel agencies for the scenic area and proceed with online ticket reservation services.

4. Ticket refund and rescheduling: For successfully reserved tickets that have not been validated, refund or rescheduling requests can be made on the ticket platform until 24:00 on the day of the scheduled visit. Requests made after the deadline cannot be processed, and entry to the scenic area will not be permitted. Refunds for approved ticket cancellations will be processed within 7 working days and returned to your account. If you have not received the refund on time, please call 400-632-9662 for inquiries and assistance.

III. Ticket Validation Instructions:

1. ID card validation: Visitors and groups with reservations can validate their tickets at the ticket gate by presenting their own ID cards. Visitors who have reserved cable car tickets should enter through the northern ticket gate, while visitors who have reserved ropeway and slideway tickets should enter through the slide ticket validation gate.

2. Real-name verification: Both individual visitors and groups should cooperate with the ticket validators for real-name verification. Visitors eligible for discounts should also present valid identification documents. If there is a discrepancy between the person and the ID card, visitors and tour guides should provide their true identification documents or purchase additional tickets.

3. Free ticket entry: Visitors eligible for free tickets can directly validate their tickets and enter the scenic area by presenting valid identification documents, provided they have successfully made a reservation. Visitors who were unable to make a reservation need to obtain free tickets at the ticket service center (excluding shuttle bus, cable car, ropeway, slideway, and other attractions within the scenic area).

4. Passport validation for foreign visitors and residents of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan: Visitors who have placed an order using an Exit-Entry Permit for Travelling to and from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, or foreign passport do not need to exchange their tickets. They can validate their reservation by presenting the original document at the ticket gate.

5. Entry without an ID card: In exceptional cases where visitors are unable to present an ID card on the day of the visit due to reasons such as the absence of an ID card, loss, or damage, they can enter the scenic area by scanning the received electronic QR code at the ticket gate or by obtaining an entry certificate at the ticket service center.

IV. Visiting Guidelines

1. Reservation Time: Electronic tickets can be purchased in advance and are available for reservation within 15 days of the intended visit.

2. Scenic Area Opening Hours:

7:00-21:00 (Nighttime Great Wall Tour available from July 1st to August 31st, 2023)

Daytime Ticket Purchasing Time: 7:00-17:00

Nighttime Ticket Purchasing Time: 7:00-20:00, Nighttime Ticket Validation Time: 17:00-20:30

Entry Point: Entrance of Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area and the Shuttle Bus Station in Mutianyu Village, Huairou District, Beijing.

3. The daytime tour is open for sections 1-20 of the Watch Towers, while the nighttime tour is open for sections 10-15 of the Watch Towers.

4. Group Reservations: Travel agencies need to sign an "agreement" with the scenic area in advance and after qualification approval, they can proceed with online ticket reservation. Tour guides must present their official tour guide certificate issued by the government and the travel agency's itinerary to enter the scenic area for free. Tour guides without a certificate or those whose documents do not match must purchase tickets for entry. Travel agencies should arrange team itineraries reasonably during holidays, make advance reservations, and avoid peak periods.

5. Please do not use open flames within the scenic area. Smoking, bringing flammable, explosive, toxic, or dangerous objects, as well as any source of fire into the scenic area is strictly prohibited. Pets are not allowed in the park.

6. In order to protect the Great Wall and its related cultural relics, please do not smear, carve, post, or hang objects on the walls. Do not climb the parapets or engage in running and playing. Take care of personal belongings, look after the elderly and children, and refrain from purchasing goods from unauthorized vendors. Elderly people and those with medical conditions should take care of their own capabilities and avoid participating in inappropriate sightseeing activities. During thunderstorms, refrain from using or answering phone calls. Please cherish the public facilities in the scenic area and do not pick or damage flowers, plants, trees, or damage any signage.

7. In severe weather conditions that affect the safe operation of equipment or due to unavoidable natural disasters (such as lightning, rain, snow, hail, fog, heavy rain, strong winds, etc.), the scenic area may temporarily or partially close. Please pay attention to the announcements and information provided by the scenic area.

8. Please comply with the traffic regulations within the scenic area. Vehicles entering the area must follow the instructions of the staff, park in designated areas orderly, and refrain from parking randomly or using illegal transportation services.

9. When taking the shuttle bus, visitors should cooperate with the guidance and management of the scenic area staff, avoid crowding, and queue up in an orderly manner.

10. If you encounter any difficulties or problems during your visit, please call the contact number provided by the scenic area. The scenic area will be dedicated to providing you with assistance and services.

V. Safety Guidelines for Cable Car Rides

1. Considerations when boarding the cable car:

(1) Follow the instructions of the staff and board the cable car in an orderly manner to avoid crowding.

(2) The door of the cable car is automatic. Do not attempt to manually close the car doors after boarding to prevent any unsafe situations.

(3) Avoid walking around inside the cable car and refrain from sticking your head or arms out of the windows to prevent accidents.

(4) Smoking, setting off fireworks, or engaging in rough play inside the cable car is strictly prohibited. Throwing objects out of the window is also prohibited, and anyone causing accidents will be held responsible.

(5) Take care of the cable car equipment, and compensation will be required for any damages.

2. The following individuals are not allowed to ride the cable car:

(1) Those who do not comply with the order and regulations or refuse to present their tickets during ticket check.

(2) Individuals who are heavily intoxicated and not in clear consciousness.

(3) Passengers with health conditions that are not suitable for high-altitude transportation, or who have a history of conditions that may pose risks (such as mental disorders, acrophobia, hypertension, heart disease, habitual abortion, as well as some pregnant women in early or late stages of pregnancy, and elderly passengers with limited mobility).

3. The following items are strictly prohibited inside the cable car:

(1) Flammable, explosive, toxic, or corrosive hazardous materials.

(2) Controlled knives, lighters, or other dangerous items.

(3) Overly long, tall, wide, or heavy items that may damage the cable car.

(4) Any other items that our company deems may affect the safe operation.

VI. Cancellation and Order Issues

To cancel your reservation, please click on the "My Orders" button, find the corresponding order, select cancellation, and wait for the cancellation result. If you have any other order-related questions, you can contact the official customer service hotline of Ctrip at 400-632-9662 for assistance.

VII. Contact Numbers for the Scenic Area

Marketing Issues: 61626022

Ticket Enquiries: 61626894, 61626505 (extension 869)

Complaints: 61626873

Emergency Rescue: 61626537

Cable Car Rescue and Complaints: 61626849

Night Tour Booking Information

1. Night tour of the Great Wall is available in the 10-15th Watch Tower section of the scenic area.

2. Inclusions: Night tour of the Great Wall and unlimited entries into the park for rides on the cable car.

3. Applicable to: all individuals.

4. Free policy: Only children below 1.2 meters (inclusive) are eligible for free admission; no other discounts apply.

5. Nighttime ticket sales time: 7:00-20:00

Nighttime ticket verification time: 5:00-20:30

6. Verification location: North ticket gate of Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area, Huairou District, Beijing.

7. Admission after 17:00 requires the purchase of a night ticket or related product.

8. Night tour visitors can park their vehicles at the fourth and fifth parking lots of the scenic area and do not need to take the shuttle bus.

9. Pets are not allowed in the scenic area.