The Great Wall of Beijing in eyes of foreigners during Qing Dynasty | Lord Macartney and Sir George Staunton


In 1792, the British mission visited China, led by Lord Macartney and Sir George Staunton, and they conducted an inspection of the Great Wall. They climbed the Great Wall and were amazed by its solidity and strategic location. Staunton regarded the Great Wall as a masterpiece of ancient Chinese architecture and military technology that showcases the determination of the government and the level of social development. Another member of the mission, Alexander, did not have the opportunity to see the Great Wall in person but created the famous painting "The Great Wall at Gubeikou" based on descriptions. This painting has been widely know in the West and remains a representative classic artwork on the subject of the Great Wall in the Western world. Staunton later published a book titled An Authentic Account of an Embassy from the King of Great Britain to the Emperor of China, which provided a detailed description of the magnificent scenery of the Great Wall.