Great Wall Stamp Picture Book


In China, there is an old saying called "Dao Ci Yi You," which means leaving one's mark when visiting a place. In order to prevent tourists from graffitiing everywhere, we have designed a notebook based on the shape of the Great Wall's battlements. With this notebook in the form of the Great Wall, everyone can leave their mark and commemorate their visit. We have incorporated various elements and cultural symbols into the design of the notebook. Traditional Chinese patterns, as well as colors such as Chinese red and imperial yellow, have been used for printing, adorned with royal motifs. The notebook is elegant, with delicate printing, simple and generous design, and sturdy durability, ensuring that the pages never fall out. When visiting the Mutianyu Great Wall, visitors can use a specially customized stamp that is exclusive to the Mutianyu scenic area. The stamp can also be colored, adding to its aesthetic appeal and grandeur.