Mutianyu Pass Themed Puzzle Toy Bricks


The Zhengguan Pass, also known as Mutianyu Pass, is located within the Huairou District of Beijing. It features three enemy towers standing side by side, which is rare in the architectural history of the Great Wall. This pass was built in the year 1404 (Ming Dynasty, Yongle Era). The pass consists of two levels, with interconnected rooms that were used for grain storage, garrisoning troops, and held significant strategic importance. It is considered one of the highlights of the Great Wall during the Ming Dynasty and a famous pass.

This Mutianyu Pass Themed Puzzle Toy Bricks, developed in collaboration between Mutianyu Great Wall and the Great Wall Cultural Creation, has been launched. It was also selected as one of the recommended products in the first batch of the China Great Wall Cultural Creative Contest. The puzzle toy bricks faithfully recreate the original appearance and architectural structure of the pass, allowing children to learn about the structure of the Great Wall while playing with bricks. It perfectly captures the unique architectural details and structure of Mutianyu Great Wall, with elegant eaves and exquisite craftsmanship, showcasing the superb architectural techniques of ancient times. With various functional details, children can learn about the Great Wall while enjoying playtime. The eco-friendly materials used in this product are made of imported ABS particles, which have undergone national safety certification. They are wear-resistant, impact-resistant, non-toxic, and pollution-free, ensuring safety and reliability. This product can withstand various drops, throws, and bites, providing both peace of mind for adults and joy for children. It offers an excellent playing experience for children while also improving their finger motor skills.