Theme event of Cultural and Natural Heritage Day grandly held


In order to further raise public awareness of the protection of intangible cultural heritage, inherit and promote excellent traditional Chinese culture, and create a good social atmosphere for the protection of intangible cultural heritage, Beijing Municipal Bureau of Cultural and Tourism held a themed event on the "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" at the Mutianyu Great Wall, with the theme of "Celebrating the Centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and Inheriting the Red Gene".

The event was divided into two parts: artistic performances and promotional exhibitions. The performances mainly focused on the theme of "Celebrating the Centenary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China and Inheriting the Red Gene". Various forms of traditional Chinese art were presented, including the recitation of "The Red Boat Sets Sail from Nanhu Lake", a fast-paced storytelling performance of "The First Shot of the Anti-Japanese War in North China", a selected scene from the Peking Opera "Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy" entitled "Communist Party Members Always Respond to the Party's Call", an original Beijing-style drum performance titled "Singing the Core Values", a solo pipa performance titled "The Story of Spring", and a song and dance performance titled "Entering the New Era". These performances aimed to call on everyone to remember the Party's mission, inherit the red history, and protect our cultural and natural heritage.

In conjunction with the performance activities, a display of exhibition boards was set up on-site to showcase the fruitful achievements of cultural heritage protection in the Huairou district in recent years. The exhibition of achievements in the construction of the Huairou Great Wall Cultural Belt consisted of 15 display boards. The contents included an introduction to the Great Wall of China throughout history, an introduction to the Ming Great Wall, the protection and development plan of the Beijing Great Wall Cultural Belt, a schematic diagram of the restoration of the Huairou Great Wall, introductions to the Phase 1 and Phase 2 restoration projects of the Jiankou Great Wall, introductions to the restoration of individual sections of the Great Wall, and inscriptions on the Great Wall. By comparing the before and after restoration images on the display boards of the Jiankou Great Wall Phase 1 and Phase 2 restoration projects, the audience could feel the necessity of restoration and the principle of "minimal intervention" embodied in the restoration.

At the site, thousands of promotional materials were distributed to visiting tourists, including copies of the "Law on the Protection of Cultural Relics" and an initiative to protect the Great Wall. The materials called on everyone to protect the cultural relics of the Great Wall and not to climb the sections of the Great Wall that are not open to the public.

Through the series of activities, tourists not only enjoyed the wonderful artistic performances, but also gained an understanding of the significance of the Party's history and cultural heritage. It raised public awareness of the importance of the centenary of the founding of the Party and the protection of cultural heritage, and created a favorable social atmosphere for further promoting the protection of cultural and natural heritage in the Huairou district.