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Mutianyu Great Wall Official Study-tour Activities of Summer Vacation Recruitment

The Great Wall is a symbol of China and an architectural wonder of the world. The construction of the Great Wall spanned two thousand years. There are too many hidden knowledge and stories waiting for us to explore and feel.

This summer, come to Mutianyu Great Wall and set foot on Mutianyu Pass to start a journey of the Great Wall full of knowledge and practice.

Here, you can learn about the long construction history and unique architectural structure of the Great Wall, explore the evolution of history and military conflicts, understand the conflicts and exchanges between nomadic and farming peoples, and feel the perfect combination of nature and humanity.

[Highlights of the tour]

Official organization, professional Great Wall study base

The Great Wall study base authorized by China Heritage Fund.

Senior teachers, professional lectures: let the people who know the Great Wall best tell the stories of the Great Wall to the children.

Exclusive enjoyment, Mutianyu Pass classroom: immersive experience of the culture and spirit of the Great Wall's century-old history.

Practicing public welfare, helping the Great Wall: field investigation of the Great Wall, being the little messenger of the Great Wall culture.

[Learning Themes]

[The Great Wall Field Survey]

Almost every Chinese has heard of the Great Wall. But how long is the Great Wall? Are beacon towers and enemy towers the same thing? What is the length, width and height of a Great Wall brick? How much does it cost to build an enemy tower? What are horse barrier walls, hidden gates, spits, and head bricks? Great Wall lecturers will take you on a field survey of the Great Wall through illustrated and informative lectures, as well as special Great Wall field survey manuals and toolkits, which will provide you with all the knowledge about the structure, role and current protection status of the Great Wall. The Great Wall field survey includes pre-trip courses, indoor lectures, field surveys, survey tasks, etc., in a variety of forms, which are both educational and fun.

[Great Wall Arch Building]

The Great Wall is a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese nation. "Strength" is one of its attributes. As an important architectural feature of the Ming Dynasty Great Wall, how did the "hollow enemy towers" manage to stay in place through centuries of war and storm? Great Wall experts will analyze the principle and function of the arch, a key structure of the Great Wall, in a scientific manner. At the same time, we will explore and discover the classic arches of countries around the world.

After the class, we will follow the traditional craft practice of carrying bricks and mud together, and build a small arch with our own hands to experience the mystery of the arch structure.

[Thousand Years of the Great Wall]

The history of the Great Wall can be traced back to the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period. The Great Wall of the State of Chu came into play in 656 BC. After first emperor of Qin unified the country, he abandoned the Great Wall, which had been used by the vassal states for mutual defense. He added part of the Great Wall in the north where Qin, Zhao and Yan were defending themselves against nomads. Then China's first Great Wall was formed. Later, it continued to extend westward during the reign of Emperor Wu of Han Dynasty. The last Great Wall built with higher quality was the Great Wall of the Ming Dynasty, which is the vast majority of the Great Wall we see nowadays.

[Protection of the Great Wall]

Although the Great Wall is strong, it can't withstand the ravages of time. At past, the Great Wall protected people's lives while now the Great Wall also needs to be protected by each of us. From a certain point of view, the Great Wall is indeed "disappearing a little bit every day". Powerful natural forces and human activities both caused irreversible damage to the Great Wall.

Actions of protecting the Great Wall can be as simple as reading a book, climbing the Wall and sharing your experiences, taking away garbage and keeping it clean, or participating in a back-to-school study and spreading the word... Even if we are not a professional, these are some of the things we can do for the Great Wall.

If you come here, you will know how great the Great Wall is; if you touch the Great Wall, you will feel the unique power of China. The dissemination of this spiritual culture does not require everyone to do something great; it only requires countless ordinary people to understand and protect it together. Just like every brick and every spade of the Great Wall, they are originally very common, but they can build up the culture of the Great Wall that stretches for thousands of miles. Trace the history, pay attention to the Great Wall, understand the real and complete Great Wall with us, and guard this civilization which has been handed down for thousands of years.

One-day study tour, guard the Great Wall culture with your children!

[Event Details]



Camp Opening Ceremony. Happy Gathering at the Great Wall﹣Icebreaking ceremony


Walk to the city


Great Wall fieldwork




Thematic class The Strong Great Wall and the Stubborn Arch


Practical activity: arch construction


Certificate issuance


Walk down the mountain


Event ends

[Recruitment object]

Children over 5 years old


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Inside the Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area (the classroom is located in the Mutianyuguan enemy tower)

[Event Price]

699 yuan per group (one adult and one children), 1298 yuan per group (one adult and two children), 10 people to form a group, (the fee includes teachers + tickets + certificates + research manual + lunch + children's accident insurance +  Beijing voluntary working hours, excluding fare and other independent consumption)

[Registration Discount]

Three groups of families and above sign up or sign up 10 days before the event to get a set of "Mutianyu Pass Building Blocks"

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