【Explore Fun】One-Day Trip


Beijing - Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area

1. Self-driving route: Take Exit 13 on the Beijing-Chengde Expressway, and follow the road signs to reach the scenic area.

2. Public transportation route: Take the 916 Express bus from Dongzhimen to Beidajie and then transfer to the H23 or H24 bus.

3. Tourist shuttle: Departure point: Dongzhimen Wai - Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area

Inquiry telephone: 86-10 96166

Departure point: South 30 meters from Exit C of Dongzhimen Station, Subway Line 2 (Transfer Center)

Inquiry telephone: 010-83531111

Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area

The Mutianyu Great Wall was built in 1368 AD by general Xu Da on the ruins of the Northern Qi Great Wall. It is the essence of the Ming Dynasty's Great Wall. This section of the Great Wall extends east to Gubeikou and west to Juyong Pass. It has always been a strategic military location guarding the capital region. It features famous landmarks such as Zhengguantai, Dajiaolou, and Eagle Flying Upside Down. . The wall remains intact and well-preserved, showcasing the ancient charm of the Great Wall.

After arriving at the parking lot of the scenic area, you need to first go to the service area. You can enter through the scenic shopping street, where you can find dining options, cultural and creative products, restrooms, and more, for visitors to enjoy and rest. After passing through the shopping street, you can take a shuttle bus to reach the scenic area, where visitors can present their tickets for entry.

Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel

After visiting the scenic area, you can have lunch at the Mutianyu Great Wall Hotel, which offers special dishes.

Surrounding Attractions of Mutianyu Great Wall

Mutianyu - Yanqi Lake

Take a short break and if you have time in the afternoon, you can visit the surrounding area. Yanqi Lake consists of the Eastern and Western Lake areas, with a wide water surface, a storage capacity of 38 million cubic meters, and a surface area of 230 hectares, with a maximum depth of 25 meters. With its flat terrain and wide water area, Yanqi Lake is an ideal place for various water and land entertainment activities. It is a famous tourist scenic spot and water park in the Beijing suburbs. There are various water sightseeing boats available, such as dragon boats, painted boats, speedboats, electric boats, and giant duck-shaped boats. In addition, there are over ten land entertainment projects including white water rafting, water slides, entertainment go-karts, bumper cars, amusement trains, and carousels, catering to the entertainment needs of different groups.

Mutianyu - Qinglong Gorge

Qinglong gorge, located next to the beautiful Yanqi Lake, is a tourist attraction and a resort for sightseeing and leisure. It combines pastoral scenery, beautiful mountains and rivers, green valleys, and the ancient appearance of the Great Wall. With its unique climate, cool and pleasant, it offers an ideal choice for people to escape from the bustling city, seek a peaceful place surrounded by mountains and waters, and return to nature for tourism, sightseeing, and vacation.

Mutianyu - Hongluo Temple

Hongluo Temple, facing south and backed by Hongluo Mountain, overlooks Hongluo Lake. Surrounded by mountains and with lush forests and towering ancient trees, Hongluo Temple presents a magnificent scene. It is located in the thousand-acre ancient pine forest in front of Hongluo Mountain, creating a beautiful picture of "a hidden ancient temple by the emerald waves".

After playing for the whole day, it's time to return in the evening. 

Have a pleasant journey!