Explore fantastic light and shadow night at the Great Wall


From July 1st to August 31st, as well as during this year's Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, come to Mutianyu and explore the beautiful light and shadow scenery of the Great Wall.

Starting from July 1st, the night tour operating hours are from 17:30 to 21:30. Please arrange your travel time reasonably and we wish you a pleasant visit in advance!

Renovated Commercial Street

Renovated Commercial Street is decorated in modern elements, allowing you to rediscover the charm of Mutianyu. As night falls, the light and shadow of the ancient building contours complement the 3D digital screen, creating a brilliant night view.

Check-in location: Service Area Square Commercial Street

Colorful Cable Car Route

Walking on the way to the cable car boarding station, the flower lights are dazzling, the luminous screens with poetry written on them hang between the treetops, and the windmills full of childlike innocence spin in the wind. The catchy and meaningful poems allow you to immerse yourself in Chinese culture. The flower lights shine brilliantly, taking you into a world of fun. What are you waiting for?

Check-in location: North Ticket Gate Passage and Cable Car Route

Sunset Watching

Standing on the top of the Great Wall, looking far away at the yellow sky dyed by the sunset glow, every piece of brick shines with golden light. You can take the cable car an unlimited times and enjoy a panoramic view. Accompanied by the ancient music lingering in the distance, you can fully enjoy the stunning scenery on the top of the Great Wall.

Check-in location: No. 10-15 watchtowers.

Starry Sky Cinema

As night falls, the curtain will be raised on the viewing platform on the Great Wall, and 10 selected films are randomly played for you. In the evening breeze of summer, enjoy the wonderful movies under the starry sky with your family or friends.

Check-in location: Platform above the Cable Car Machine Room

Classical Chinese Dance Performance

The classical beauty of dance on the Great Wall makes you feel like traveling back thousands of years, and intoxicates us. The classical Chinese dance on the Great Wall creates a unique night tour experience for visitors.

Check-in location: No. 14 or 15 watchtowers.

Tentative performance time: 19:30-20:30 every day.

(Performance time will be adjusted accordingly in case of extreme weather conditions.)

Music Concert

The band is full of vitality, and the light and shadow randomly change. The deliberate stage design gives you unexpected surprises every moment.

Check-in location: Platform of No. 14 watchtower.

Tentative performance time: 19:00-20:00 every Monday, Friday, and Saturday.

(Performance time will be adjusted accordingly in case of extreme weather conditions.)

Great Wall Light Show

The fusion of music and light brings you a new experience, combining craftsmanship and innovation, and every detail is carefully considered. The city wall trail has been upgraded, with colorful and dreamlike scenery. The design of the Great Wall night scene breaks through tradition and aims to provide you with a better tour experience. Laser light design is simple but attractive, and the space art and light and shadow are perfectly integrated. Beauty deliveration is not only achieved by visual enjoyment, but also surprises in the busy life.

Check-in location: No. 10-15 watchtowers.

Note: There are light and shadow interaction devices inside No. 12, 13, and 14 watchtowers.

Warm reminder:

In order to facilitate visitors' travel during the night tour activities, we recommend tourist special lines for you to arrive directly. You can make a phone or online reservation in advance according to your own needs. For details, please call (travel methods are for reference only, and reservation details are subject to telephone consultation):

Qianmen Distribution Center Tourist Special Line (010-83531111)

Mubus Tourist Line (4006603560)

Zanbus Tourist Line (13621081771)

Beidou Tourist Line (18610950072)

Busda Tourist Line (13051039503)

We wish you a happy trip here!