Meet Time-honored Brands at Mutianyu Market During Mountain Flowers Festival


The 2024 Huairou District Great Wall Cultural Festival series of activities, and the second Mutianyu Great Wall Mountain Flowers Festival will kick off on March 30th at the Mutianyu Great Wall Scenic Area.

Taste the joy of spring and explore the fun of life at the foot of the Great Wall. Come to Mutianyu's "time-honored brands market" to find out treasures on the weekend.

[Inheriting intangible cultural heritage and exploring time-honored brand market]

In this beautiful spring, visit the Mutianyu Great Wall, stroll through the commercial street, check-in at the intangible cultural heritage "time-honored brand market".

[Time-honored brands pass down for generations]

At this "time-honored brand market", more than 20 time-honored brands with strong regional representation from Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Shandong, and other provinces will be displayed.

(Selected display of some brands, not ranked in any particular order)

They contain extraordinary inherited craftsmanship with ancestral secret recipes and unique flavors. They not only carry the emotions of several generations, but also protect and continue the brand reputation.

[Classic brands awaken all memories]


"Yefengsu" has the title of "Chinese famous food". The taste of "Shandong pancake" and "Shandong roasted cake" is crispy and fragrant, inheriting the authentic "Jinan city flavor".

Taomuwang and Huaishanyao

Taomuwang from Tai Mountain with a hundred years of craftsmanship shows extraordinary charm.

Huaishanyao enjoys a reputation for thousands of years.

Guifaxiang Tianjin Mahua(fried dough twist)

Guifaxiang Tianjin Mahua, a century-old brand, is listed as the first of the "Tianjin Three Treasures" along with Tianjin Goubuli Baozi and Erduoyan Fried Cake, and is recognized as a "Chinese famous snack".

"Jinghua" tea

It is renowned in Beijing with the fragrance of tea lasting for generations, and helps bring the unique "northern flavor" to Beijing city.

Qingdao Gaojia sugar ball

It is fragrant, sweet, and crispy with a hundred years of history. It is suitable for women and children, loved by young and old people. It is a folk snack loved by many Qingdao citizens.

Zhou Village roasted cake

It is round and yellow, as thin as a piece of paper or a poplar leaf. When you pick up a stack, it makes a rustling sound, like the white poplar in the wind. Once you chew it, it instantly crumbles, filling your mouth and stomach with a fragrant taste. It is one of the famous specialty products in Shandong Province.

Hongluo Food and Hongxing Liquor

Hongluo Food showcases traditional Chinese food culture to the world.

Hongxing Liquor has a refreshing and soft taste. Over 20 "time-honored brands" booths will be dispayed at the market, giving you a chance to truly experience the essence of old brand culture.

Mutianyu Great Wall mountain flowers festival will soon meet with everyone. You are welcomed to come to the market and experience its beauty in person!

Photos: Bu Xiangdong, Tian Zhenhui, Shi Lei, some photos are from the internet.